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Back on Track

So, after being scolded last week for revealing Dale’s exit from Top Chef sooner than I should have, I’ve learned my lesson and will make no comments until after the jump, save for this, TC has reclaimed the No. 1 spot in my heart.

Warning! Spoilers start immediately after the jump.

     Spike’s gone! Now,  I’m assuming others will be as excited as I, but it’s especially sweet vindication given my history with him. OK-it’s not a juicy history, but he was in my class at the CIA and I can honestly say he was as “pleasant” in person as he was on the show. I guess the judges felt differently than you did, Spike, about moving on to Puerto Rico. Buh-bye.

And how great was it when the past winners showed up? Regardless of the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Ilan or Hung, Harold rocks and he’s the most talented winner so far. It was a smart move to bring them back to help judge and I think I actually cheered (lame). The show is finally getting it’s groove back.

I’ve heard some feel the producers want a female to finally win , so they’ve stacked the final four with women. But I think both Stephanie and Antonia deserve to be there (most of you know my thoughts about Lisa already. Rest assured, she’ll be the first one to go). I’m rooting for both, but either way, it’s time we get a female top chef to prove that it’s not just a boy’s club anymore.

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12 comments on “Back on Track

  1. Hate to be contrary, but I was so sad to see Spike go! He’s been a fav of mine–I like his attitude. When he mouthed off about the frozen scallops being in the freezer in the first place, my mouth dropped. Yes!! He said the kind of thing I always WISH people would say on TV but never do. He’ll be missed. Now, I’ll be rooting for Lisa…

  2. I had brunch at Perilla, Harold’s restaurant in NYC, over the weekend, and it was my favorite meal of the trip. Quiet and tucked away in Greenwich Village, perfect ambiance for a lazy Sunday morning. I had the spicy duck burger and it was cooked perfectly. I wasn’t even hungry for the spicy fries that accompanied it. Definitely going back next time I’m in the city.

    p.s. They’re definitely keeping Lisa on the show just to add drama. I hate it when that happens.

  3. It might not be a boy’s club anymore but Richard has been consistent since episode one and has wowed the judges more than any other player. My original final four is now down to Richard and Stephanie. I think Richard will take it. (Sorry, Steph.)

  4. I agree! Spike was a total tool! Plus, his cooking was obviously not very good since he was on the bottom so many times. I am so glad to see him and his collection of tool hats gone.

  5. SHUT IT UP! I was unable to watch last night and I was wondering who got the axe. Thank you for the spoiler, shame on you for making me work (click) to get there, but whoosh, it was so worth the exertion!

  6. Yes Spike needed to go, but so does Lisa! Dale definitely deserved to be there! At judges table they mentioned Spike was there 7 times and Lisa was there 5 times – well there is the problem with the show – they don’t reward for past performances.

    Dale was, as I liked to call it “TRE’D” – just like Tre Wilcox was eliminated last season, Dale was ousted this season. The show never rewards for past performances. Dale was always at the top and had several Quickfire and other victories as well. Lisa isn’t even close to the chef Dale or the other remaining contestants are.

    Antonio and Stephanie are excellent top notch technical chefs, but Richard’s creativity and execution is far above the remaining chefs. I like the two ladies, but I think Richard throughout the season has been the best. I won’t mention Lisa because I feel her skills and attitude are best suited for Waffle House (and no offense to the folks at Waffle House).

  7. ratings, ratings, ratings!! Sure is a lot of drama to put yourself through for a net tax pay out of around $65K. Not to mention you’re at the mercy of the BRAVO editors for sound bites. If Lisa somehow pulls this out, she should take a hiatus and appear on The Swan for an extreme makeover before opening her new place. That still won’t fix the attitude but at least the greasy face, triple chin, and butch hair cut would be gone.

  8. Lisa is too surly to work at Waffle house, CKent. Man I hate her. Hilarious:

    I’m pulling for Richard to win too. I think overall he’s the best chef of the group, as much as I’d love a woman to take it. Stephanie is excellent as well, and Antonio definitely has her moments, but overall it’s gotta be Richard’s. His is the restaurant I’d most want to eat at. Although the problem pointed out here remains for Richard: if Stephanie cooks a meal at the end that’s better than Richard’s, do they reward her with the win and overlook everything leading up to that win?

    If Lisa wins, I’m never watching the show again.

  9. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you for the spoiler warning (didn’t get to TC til last night, and I’ve been itching to post this for a few days).