Somebody Help This Poor Man

A sushi-lovin’ birthday boy begs the question:

Where is the best, kid-friendly Sushi place in town? Is there such a thing? My family told me I get to go wherever I want for my birthday dinner – even sushi. So, now I’m on a quest to find a place with great, fresh food, but where my 5 year old and 9 month old won’t be completely out of place.

I’m saying Benihana. Besides their entertaining hibachi tables, Benihana has changed with the times and has an extensive sushi menu. I’ve taken my nieces there and they love it.


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12 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Man

  1. mr. sushi (on belt line in addison) is pretty kid friendly i think. i used to go there when i was a kid.

  2. Hmmm. In town? Well, if you’re a native Dallasite, “in town” is relative. However, may I suggest Sushi Sakana? It is in Plano but it is FANTASTIC and VERY kid friendly. Actually, the last couple of times I’ve been there, the staff has been especially sweet to the little ones with kid-friendly (and, if necessary, adult-friendly) chopsticks and Japanese soda. Yum. Umm. adult,97400&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&item_id=51891

  3. sushi zushi is where I take my kids and BlueFish (early!) on greenville is also kid friendly

  4. Fuji on the southwest corner of Preston and LBJ – my kids always like it and they have the special Japanese soda bottles.

  5. I 2nd the vote for Fuji. Lee makes some of the best sushi in town AND it’s very kid friendly. We eat there at least once a week with our 3 and 7 year olds….

  6. I have to admit to a Fuji fetish when with lots of kids. Your 5 year old will love the hibachi cooking, and if your 9 month old gets a little fussy, you won’t be noticed with all the other things going on in the dining room. Lee does make some of the finest sushi, so you don’t have to compromise. Lily, his wife, works the hibachi dining room. A well-run family business.

    Benihana at Park Central is too crowded, the wait for a table is too much for an adult to take, let alone if you’re with kids.

  7. Fuji Fetish is great. Especially with lots of kids. Whoops, sounds like a Law & Order SVU show.

  8. We have been to Shinsei a number of times with our 2 and 5 year old and Tracy Rathbun has been extremely gracious each and every time. To give the other diners a break, we try to go on the early side – but the kids didn’t phase the staff at all! Make sure to request Kelly as your server.

  9. Thanks so much for all your replies. Needless to say, my sushi cravings are always taken care of at lunch or on business trips — and now that I’m granted an opportunity to go with the whole fam, I don’t want to waste it. Kudos to you all.