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3 comments on “Where to Pick Your Own Fruit?

  1. My daughter and I went yesterday (for the second time) to the Gnismer Farm in south Arlington (Dalworthington Gardens) and picked strawberries. The strawberries are slowly getting finished in their season but the blackberries were beginning and we picked about 6 lbs. of those. Onions, potatoes, lettuce were all coming as were squash and later melons. Worth the drive from Plano!

  2. Northaven Gardens sold thornless blackberry bushes this spring, I now own 3. They’re planted behind my shed, facing south and they don’t take up much room. My crop is about a week away from ripe, but there’s plenty!

  3. I second Gnismer Farms. I picked strawberries several weeks ago and am looking foward to the blackberries.