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Top Chef, You Are On My List (Spoiler Alert)

I was enjoying restaurant wars on Top Chef tonight until the judges made the worst decision ever. They gave Dale the boot and let Lisa move on. I was so irritated that I swore off the show forever. I was even more disgusted then when they kicked Sam off in Season 2. But then I came to my senses and thought maybe I was overreacting. But really, how many “top chef” lives does that girl have? She’s not a very good cook, nor can she work well with people, which, last time I checked, are two of the most important assets to have as a chef. She throws people under the bus to save her own behind or makes excuses when her dishes are criticized instead of taking responsibility for her actions. You know, I changed my mind. If that “cook” becomes the next top chef, I’m done……and I mean it this time.

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12 comments on “Top Chef, You Are On My List (Spoiler Alert)

  1. I was torn on this one. I do not think Dale or Lisa are equiped for the title, so I was ok with dale’s exit as long as Lisa isnt far behind, which she surely cant be, with as many losing judges tables she has been party to. it is clear that the winning team last night should represent the final 3. i have never seen a top chef “restaurant wars” episode where the teams were split so clearly and decisively by not only their attitude and disposition, but by their standing in the game as well…

  2. If they don’t send Lisa home ASAP, I will stab out my eyes and cut out my ear drums just so I do not have to see or hear her.

    Seriously, how many times in a row can someone eff up rice and still be in the competition?

  3. The correct decision was of course to get rid of both of them. I actually wished that going into chef’s table, that both Lisa and Dale would get in a fight, pull out some santoku knives, and both be sent home.

  4. Totally, totally concur. I’m sure you’ve noticed how Lisa is the only one who is shown complaining that her cooking has been sabotaged. If there were evidence of sabotage, I have no doubt they’d 86 the saboteur. At least Tiffany was a good cook if yet a beyotch; I would actively avoid any kitchen that Lisa works in. This show is like an active anti-resume for her career.

    On the other team, Blais just keeps looking better. He’s actually opened and run his own shop but stepped back into exec chef role last night. Deferred credit on the prior ep to Stephanie. He’s a stand up guy.

    I thought that Dale made a good point and Bourdain didn’t seize on it enough. The “chef” in these team exercises doesn’t have the ability to make the ultimate decision. Like Jimmy used to say, a coach has to be able to do one of three things with a player: start ‘em, bench ‘em, or put ‘em on the street. If you can’t do all three of those, you can’t effectively lead a team in competition.

    Lisa is so done. But I’ve been saying that for about 7 weeks now.

  5. In the age of TiVo, this post probably should have begun with “SPOILER ALERT.”

    Nice going.

  6. I hate Spike. I want him off because the hats drive me crazy. And he’s pompous and arrogant.

    I’m actually glad that Dale got voted off, he was a one song wonder. Asian this…Asian that…aren’t top chefs supposed to have a wide repertoire of things they are able to prepare?

  7. I am with you Tobie, Spike and the rest of that team should have all been 86′d! Spike with his “I ran the front of the house” Bullshit.

  8. Dale was a jackass but he’s clearly a better chef than the L word. He fell prey to the same thing as Trey Wilcox last year – screwed up 1 dish but since he was exec chef he got the axe. And apparently he was indeed a 1 trick Asian pony but who knew he had a softer side, balling like a little school girl at the end of the show?! Richard has been our #1 since this season began and it might be his to lose now.

  9. Good point about Tre’s drop last year — although at least he had to fail in 2 consecutive restaurant wars!

    The handicapping gets very interesting at this point. Spike has three consecutive low finishes in elimination challenges, but one quickfire win in that same time period. Lisa has two consecutive low finishes and lows in four of the last five elimination challenges and no quickfire successes to offset. On the flip side, Dale had won the previous challenge and three of the last 5 eliminations prior to getting the axe last night, so like they say in investing, prior performance may not be indicative of future results.

    On the plus side, Antonia has really gotten stronger in the second half of the show. 2 highs and a win in the last 4 eps, and 4 quickfire wins this season. Stephanie has been either high or low all season with no room in the middle; if there was anyone from the top 3 who could crater out and let in both Spike and Lisa, it’s Stephanie.

  10. hate hate HATE Lisa. So wrong to boot off Dale. Can’t even read the probably very insightful comments above this bc I get so annoyed thinking about what happened. Just ridiculous. But Anthony Bourdain: so, so good.

  11. I’m still surprised that Spike has avoided elimination. Dude can’t stand that close to the fire that often without getting burned. If he makes the top four, it will be because he has neither excelled nor failed miserably. He’s just been average. (But I do love the hats.)