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Making Dallas Even Better

Bill “Freckle Face” Addison is a Weiner

Whoopsie-doodle, I mean winner. (What would I do without Spell Check?) Anywhoo, I just intercepted a secret DMN company memo announcing: “Bill Addison will receive a national Association of Food Journalists award for restaurant criticism. The other finalists are: Will Ferrell for Talladega Dinner Nights and M.F.K. Fisher’s Recipes from the Grave. The ranking of […]

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Nick Badovinus Readies to Open His Own Restaurant

‘Member Nick Badovinus, the cool-dude chef behind Tristan Simon’s Consilient Restaurants’ curtain? Badovinus left the cozy confines his uber-cool CR gig last December with the wishes, hopes, and dreams of opening his own restaurants. He has big plans for his newly formed company, FlavorHook, but he is smartly starting out small. As we type, Badovinus […]

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