Duck: Incoming Cupcakes

pjenkins.jpgThis chick’s name is Pamela Jenkins. In Las Vegas she is known as the Cupcake Queen. Pamela was born in Jacksboro, Texas. According to her website, she “studied in New York City, Spain, Argentina, and has traveled the globe. She is a total “foodie,” loving to visit the culinary establishments of Vegas.” Riveting. She ended up in Vegas as the executive assistant to the CEO of the Golden Nugget casino. One day she was sitting in her office reading a story in the newspaper about a woman who was selling cupcakes. In January 2006 she quit said job and opened The Cupcakery in Vegas. She sold 275,000 frickin’ cupcakes (at $2.75 a pop) in one year. This summer, The Cupcakery will open a location in The Shops at Starwood in Frisco. You’ll be interested to know that when Jenkins is not spending time creating new cupcake recipes, she spends time with her three dogs Josephine, Tora, and Calypso, riding horses, and doing Bikram Yoga. You’ll also be interested to know that in my spare time I write about former executive assistants who turn into millionaires by selling cupcakes. I want my mommy.

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13 comments on “Duck: Incoming Cupcakes

  1. Just what this area needs is another franchise offering up the overpriced cupcake. (Thought at first this post was about re-cycled Trophy Wives.) Lemme tell you, I wouldn’t pay 2.75 for a cupcake unless I was making a video about diabetics filing bankruptcy.

  2. fortunately, you’ve got a job that’s emotionally fulfilling. (i thought you spent your spare time peering at birds?)

    that shops at starwood is something else

  3. Have zero idea why my above posted under ‘RawDog’s name but alas, it was me.

  4. Hey, those 972s need a place for cupcakes too, since the gasoline cost of driving to Sprinkles in their monstrous SUVs is more than the cost of the 3 cupcakes they’ll buy at Sprinkles.
    Meanwhile, if I’m jonesing for a cupcake, which I never have, I’ll run to my Tom Thumb and get a dozen for $3.99. And theirs will likely be just as good.

  5. How long do I hold my airplane yoga pose to burn off the calories in one overpriced cupcake?

    Seriously, is the boutique cupcake bakery the new wine bar? You don’t live in cool area until you have one?

  6. Good for her! I don’t know why all these people have to be so negative. I think this is a very creative idea. $756,250 in cupcakes her first year, doesn’t look like she’s the “stupid” one. Way to go Pamela!

  7. If you need a cupcake fix while near the amazing museum district in Fort Worth then check out The Cupcake Cottage! They’ve got a simple, but very good website and amazing cupcakes.

    Happy for Plano’s new cupcakery, but thought everyone should know there’s already a great alternative to Sprinkles.