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Lordy, if half of you who have taken the time to e-mail me about the loss of had actually gone to the store, they’d still be in business. And they are kinda sorta. A Disher, keen on all things green, sends this:

They [wholesale side of] were bought by a company called European Imports. They then moved to a location in Grand Prairie and are operating as European Imports.

There you go.

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  1. Well, we went, and it was not that great – had potential I suppose – but could not compare to places such as Surfas in Los Angeles etc. At any rate, we purchased quite
    a bit when we were there, but nothing special enough for a return trip…

    European Imports lassos World-Delicacies in Texas

    DALLAS–Marking its third acquisition this year, Chicago-based European Imports Ltd. bought here Oct. 1–a move aimed at deepening its penetration in the Texas specialty food market.

    The purchase of, a wholesale and direct-to-consumer Web-based business, comes on the heels of European Imports’ acquisition of Gourmet Foods International here in June. The specialty food distributor will consolidate the two operations by moving its inventory from the 10,000-square-foot Gourmet Foods International warehouse into the 20,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility currently occupied by, according to Trish Pohanka, director of purchasing and marketing for European Imports.

    The acquisition comes six months after World-Delicacies Co-owner Carlos Pippa added a 4,600-square-foot gourmet retail store to his business in April. European Imports will close the retail store and focus on distribution, according to Pohanka.

    Gourmet News was unable to reach Pippa before press time.

    The acquisition adds 1,300 new SKUs to European Imports’ product mix, including more South American and Mediterranean products such as sweet banana jam, pumpkin coconut jam and chocolate. World-Delicacies also had a specialty Italian focus that is beneficial to European Imports.

    “While many of our perishable and grocery items were similar to what we offer, World-Delicacies had more specialty meats, different lines of pasta and specialized balsamic vinegars,” Pohanka explained.

    European Imports will use this new space as an interim facility while its 41,000-square-foot warehouse is being built in Grand Prairie. The distributor expects that project to be finished by March 1, said Pohanka.

    “(The acquisition) is affording us the space we need here in the meantime and is allowing us to better serve some of our customers who can not afford delivery minimums,” she explained.

    In March, European Imports bought the brand name and distribution business of Gaeta Imports, which added to its all-natural, organic and kosher offerings.

    “Acquisitions of distribution companies in target markets have enabled us to grow within the specialty distribution sector while maintaining a unique and diversified products mix,” Pohanka said.

  3. What ever happened with this whole thing? World-Delicacies is definitely closed (tried to go there the other day), but I haven’t been able to find any info about European Imports opening in Grand Prairie. Their website is woefully out of date ( with the “Archive News” starting at 2005, so that doesn’t appear to be a reliable source of info. A Google search for “European Imports” in Grand Prairie predictably returns a lot of car places… Anyone have an update?