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Al Biernat Ups His Ante

al.jpgThe master of steak house ceremonies has hired long-time Dallas chef Michael Weinstein to develop a brunch and catering menu. Many of you will remember chef Weinstein from his gigs at The Riviera (weeping), The Grape, and Aurora, to name a few. Maybe chef Weinstein will answer one Disher’s burning question: “Help! I want the recipe for the Al’s salad with the hearts of palm, avocado, crab, and shrimp.” Or maybe not. Time will tell.

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2 comments on “Al Biernat Ups His Ante

  1. Dear Nancy,

    I appreciate the blog, however there must be two chefs named Michael Weinstein. I have only worked at The Riviera. I have read great things about the other Michael Weinstein but unfortunately can’t take the credit for his accolades.
    All the best!!
    Michael Weinstein (The Handsome one!!)