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LightCatcher Releases Off-Dry Rosé

LightCatcher Winery 2007 Texas Kiss Merlot RoseLightCatcher Winery in Fort Worth just released the 2007 Texas Kiss Merlot Rosé ($14). Winemaker Caris Turpen said:

This year’s version is true to form – light, crisp, and just sweet enough to push the fruitiness right up to the front (technically it’s “off-dry”).  The flavors are strawberry, cherry, watermelon and cranberry – a perfect complement to spicy and warm-weather dishes.  And, the color is gorgeous – a transparent ruby red, clean and enticing.

You can expect that this will sell out soon, as it does every year. I love this wine with fish and shellfish dishes that have a bit of sweetness in the glazes or sauces. Turpen also has a dry-style Merlot rosé, Etain’s Rose ($18), that I cannot leave the winery without buying drinking at least one bottle. It is crisp and refreshing, but has structure and complexity. Try it with chicken, Asian food, even steak.

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  • Anne Y.

    Dallas’s own Times Ten Cellars has a fabulous rosé that I have loved for a couple of years. It’s my go-to spring/summer wine, and I believe it’s currently on sale for about $6.00 per bottle, carry-out price only.

    (Why did I post this BEFORE stocking up?!?!)

  • wnt

    Isn’t this just wine made from the grapes that didn’t work for the better stuff?