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Put Some Gay Into Your Day

As my good gay buddy Ed always says, “Mary, it takes a fairy.” And he’s right. Every morning I begin my day with a little ditty from the clever folks over at Gay List Daily . Bright and concise, these boys love them some Dallas and they cover dining, events, clothes, and everything in between. It’s like a gay mini-version of D Magazine. Without a Trey.

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6 comments on “Put Some Gay Into Your Day

  1. Why can’t they just post the fab info on their blog? I get too much spam as it is. Why would I want to subscribe?

  2. you don’t have to subscribe, just click on Dallas and all the info is there. As a native Dallasite and married (straight) female, they have unique resaturant suggestions and other nifty local info. Me likes. Many thanks, Nancy!

  3. It looks more like a mini-version of Daily Candy, with blurbs that read like advertisements (because they are).

  4. To respond to Yusles point, Gay List Daily’s content is not advertising. It’s written by writers who have nothing to do with our advertisers. Any sponsored messages are explicitly marked as such.

  5. In case anyone’s interested, Gay List Daily’s New York City edition is launching on Monday, June 2nd. You can sign up for it on our site so that you don’t miss a single issue. Each story will also be archived on our site. Just got to to check it out.