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Making Dallas Even Better

Al Biernat Ups His Ante

The master of steak house ceremonies has hired long-time Dallas chef Michael Weinstein to develop a brunch and catering menu. Many of you will remember chef Weinstein from his gigs at The Riviera (weeping), The Grape, and Aurora, to name a few. Maybe chef Weinstein will answer one Disher’s burning question: “Help! I want the […]

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RE: Top Chef

Okay, not be Queen Redundant of Redundancy, but to our handicapping Disher I say: word. I’ll be so happy when Lisa, Nikki, Mark, and Antonia are gone. Especially Lisa and Nikki. I mean, seriously. Now that we’re on to week eight, it really is game-on time. (My picks: Stephanie, Dale, Richard, and Andrew—despite his uber […]

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