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Vegans Unite: Spiral Diner in the OC

I’ve been driving North Beckley for months, watching the slow, slow progress of veggie favorite Spiral Diner. Would it ever open? Now comes word from Pegasus News’ Teresa Gubbins that the Fort Worth import is ready for customers. That makes me happy—not that I don’t like my meat. (Insert joke) But I’ve always enjoyed the original Diner and will happily trade in a 30 mile drive out west for a two block jaunt in my hood. Welcome to the Oak Cliff neighborhood, SD.

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2 comments on “Vegans Unite: Spiral Diner in the OC

  1. Ate it…throughly enjoyed it…and loved the enthusiasm. I will return weekly. When I arrived the mailman was walking in (letter carrier of a masculine sort) and the staff cheered him. Hilarious. One helpful comment: if tables are free go ahead and seat folks and give them a menu. No need to wait at the bar for tables that are open.