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Big News With Bolla

So I got a sneak peek at the new Stoneleigh Hotel this afternoon, which is set to welcome guests on Monday, March 3. (Yes, it’ll be a mad dash to the end, but I have faith they can do it.) Furniture has arrived, spectacular chandeliers have been installed, and the paint is being touched up as I type. In addition to the new spa—my friends and I are having a pedi party there next Saturday—mouths are watering over the new restaurant, Bolla, under the direction of James Beard nominee David Bull. (Personally, I’m most excited by the tuna “block” with Merguez sausage, Malabar spinach, and manchego aioli.) You can make reservations for Bolla on, but my sources tell me the restaurant is filling up fast.

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One comment on “Big News With Bolla

  1. We went last night. I knew going the first night would involve kinks but it’s so close to my house and we thought we’d check it out.

    We sat down at almost 7 and were the only two diners in the entire restaurant for almost half an hour. One man took another table and by 8 there were about half a dozen tables full. We knew someone on the staff and were told they maxed out the reservations at 30 that night. I’d take my chances on just walking in if you can’t get a reservation. There are tables in the bar and you could certainly eat there if the dining rooms are full.

    My friend said her short ribs were really good. It’s an appetizer but she paired it with a side and it seemed to be pretty filling. I had the Ditali which is breaded (and fried?) ricotta over fresh pasta, a tomato sauce and cubed eggplant. It was good but not anything I’d order again. It was ice cold before I was half way through, but I let it slide because it was the first night. One odd thing was the eggplant “chips” on my plate. I thought they were just a garnish but our waitress told me to try one. They looked and tasted like pressed paper. Another odd thing was that they dole out the bread one piece at a time. We were the only two diners is the entire restaurant so it wasn’t like they were going to run out or anything. Instead of butter or oil the bread comes with a chunky tomato sauce. I actually preferred that to my pasta.

    I also got a side of gnocchi and really wasn’t impressed only because I had gnocchi at Craft that made me almost cry. The dough lacked flavor and, given their 1″x1″ size, they ended up tasting like formed squares of potato paste. The garlic and chive coating was good but I wish there had been more of it since the dumpling itself was bland.

    The cannoli, on the other hand, was ridiculously good. Very light, sweet but not overly so, with the right amount of pistachios. I should have just ordered a couple of those and counted that as my dinner.

    I’m off the booze for Lent but my friend’s martini smelled so perfect it made my mouth water. That alone will be reason enough for me to come back.

    I will certainly go back and try other things because everything was very fresh. The bar menu wasn’t available and had it been we probably would have eaten off that menu.

    And bless our little waitress’s heart. We were her first table. Ever. She was cute though and I hope she does well.