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Bengal Coast Gets Crushed

Head by Crush Wine Shop this weekend for its Saturday Chef Series and taste the South Asian fare of new Oak Lawn restaurant Bengal Coast. You’ll get five wine tastings, a glass of your favorite wine, and various vittles for $10. Good deal. I’ll admit that I was a little leery of Bengal Coast and its Americanized menu. (Concept restaurants and jaded foodies typically don’t mix.) But after several visits, I’m impressed. Has anyone else been yet?

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6 comments on “Bengal Coast Gets Crushed

  1. Yes! I love Bengal Coast and am a huge fan of the chilled tuna wraps, among other items. It’s a cool environment, too. I’m a foodie but this place rocks — the food quality is excellent.

  2. I’ve been and you can check out my review here:

    I liked the atmosphere but was not super-impressed with the food. After my review was published, Bengal Coast’s owner, Mark Brezinski, wrote me a very mature response in which he apologized for some of the problems with my experience and explained the shared bathroom concept. He is a stand-up guy, and because of his response I will try it again.

  3. The Bengal Coast is very well done – from the decor to the eclectic menu that has successfully packaged flavors, spices, colors, condiments and nuances from Bombay to Bangkok, from Phuket to Penang, from Kolkata to Kuala Lumpur and from the pristine beaches of Goa to the Tropical paradise that is Bali, within the context of a single repertoire – please check out my detailed review of Bengal Coast on my blog at

    Bon Appetit!

  4. I happen to be a jaded food junky and I was more than impressed. I tend to like my food on the spicey side so I let them know and they delivered. Excellent service. The bartender (who also took care of our table) was right on point. I’ll go back.