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Speaking of Fearing’s

I stopped into the bar last night for a glass of wine. How do I say this nicely? Hmm. Can’t. Every time I’ve been there, the room has been crammed with really drunk people. Like falling down drunk. I am not casting stones, I’m just making an observation. IJMAO. It’s nice to see folks having such a good time on a school night. See, nice.

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5 comments on “Speaking of Fearing’s

  1. I’m thinking that your time is better well-spent enjoying the wine list at Charlie Palmer, Adolphus Hotel or better yet French Room, or The Mansion. Fewer sloppy drunks. But if capturing the stupidity of people is the planned entertainment, stick with Fearing’s. You might even catch another fight!!!

  2. Well, at least it’s clear that Fearing’s is a place for wealthy people to play… not a foodie destination. Which is perfectly fine – just not my cup of tea.

    Nancy, thanks for not towing the PR line for this “best of” list darling!

  3. I miss the old days in Dallas – when rich philistines and their botox-ed paramours cavorted behind closed doors.

  4. “Folks having such a good time on a school night.” Exactly.
    Very nice phrasing, Nancy. I use that expression myself all the time.
    Excellent food blog. I just found this. Carry on
    L. Miner