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A Little Fishy Told Me

img_0069.jpgNancy and I just got these mini fishbowls in the mail, complete with a Cowboy Fish stress reliever squeezy toy, wearing a cowboy hat and sake holster, sporting a mustache, pictured at left. Because we’re in Texas, ya’ll! This is to announce the opening of RA Sushi on March 24 at the Shops at Legacy. I do appreciate gifts, and he’s actually kinda cute.

I’ve eaten at RA in Scottsdale (the original location), and I honestly don’t remember much about the food. I do remember this was a great place to take a bachelorette. The press release says they offer “fresh sushi, hip music and contemporary decor all rolled up into one flavorful experience.” Yep, sounds right. Sushi rolls include the “Tootsy Maki,” with crab mix (!), shrimp, and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and encased in rice, and “innovative” (cough) entrees like apple teriyaki salmon. Someone who lives there will have to let me know how it is, in the meantime, I’ll be taking out our shipping stress on the Mr. CF.

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One comment on “A Little Fishy Told Me

  1. In college I would frequent RA in Scottsdale and Tempe and it is some of the best sushi that I’ve ever had. I’ve been in Dallas for about 6 months now and have yet to find anywhere that I like as much. Definitely looking forward to RA in Texas!!!