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Pizza Pizza

Famous New York pizzeria Grimaldi‘s has just opened its first Dallas outpost. (And apparently the NY guys have gone to great lengths to ensure that our Dallas crust tastes the same as it does in Brooklyn by hiring a chemist to re-create the mineral content and composition of the water.) Celebrities seem to love those hand-tossed pizzas cooked in a coal-fired brick oven. I wonder if that means that we’ll be spotting Vince Vaughn in West Village. And maybe he’ll buy me one of Patsy Grimaldi’s signature martinis. A girl can dream.

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11 comments on “Pizza Pizza

  1. Don’t believe the hype! This pizza is very average if that. Customer service is super, but the pizza just did not live up to expectations. The sauce is ok, and the crust is just well average.

    If looking for an upscale pie, give Olivella’s a try.

    But if you just want some good NY style pizza, a friendly attitude and a chance to keep a few dollars in your pocket – try Carmine’s Pizza @ Spring Valley/Tollway. Probably some of the best pizza and kept secrets in town!

  2. After they said they hired a chemist to recreate the mineral content and composition of Brooklyn water, did they mention they’d make you a good offer on a historic bridge, Jennifer?

  3. Yeah, this news is a really late. Is this a blog post or an ad? SideDish should be more than a plain old PR outlet for Dallas restaurants…

    p.s. Grimaldi’s pizza is pretty good. It’s got its own taste – very mild sauce and fresh chunks of mozzarella instead of shredded. Worth a try to see if it’s your style.

  4. “Famous New York pizzeria Grimaldi’s has just opened its first Dallas outpost.”

    WTF? Is this some kind of joke?

    PS… A chemist? The water? Get real. The crust is a joke compared to Fireside or Olivella’s.

  5. yous’ll never know what good pizza tastes like until you go to NYC, Philly, and the Jersey Shore

    this slop they pass off down here (Grimaldi’s included) tastes like overly sweetened ragu on cardboard…and i’ve been to numerous Pasty’s and Grimaldi’s in NYC many times and this place down here is a joke that Pasty would probably be ashamed off

    the family is cashing in on the name and good for them, but it ain’t true Grimaldi’s for that they’d need to fly the actual wooder down from the northeast…

    as a blueblood yankee, i feel like henry hill at the end of GoodFellas wheneve i go to an “Italian restaurant” here in Dallas and elsewhere in Texas: “i ordered some spaghetti and marinara and i got egg noodles and ketchup”

    that’s why i eat TexMex here and pizza back home

    something about when in Rome…

  6. and that’s Patsy there not Pasty, which, i guess, is something else entirely

    damn fingers of fury get ahead of my brain sometimes

  7. Everyone who has made a comment seems grouchy. Do you all live in the same neighborhood and were you all kept up by the same barking dog?

    Get some rest. Jeez.

  8. It is nothing special, their pizza. (Toppings are killer, I’ll say that.) Don’t know where is. Sal’s ain’t half bad. Anyone else had it? Louie’s, I like, but it’s not really NY style.

    BTW, JRP, it’s a safe bet that 90 percent of folks who post here have had NY pizza many, many times — not that that confers on us the expertise of a former resident, by any means.

  9. I found Grimaldi’s completely unsatisfactory. The pizza is good, but completely overpriced. The atmosphere is too casual without any special touches. For a great pizza with a classy atmosphere, I recommend Coal Vines or for a laid back place, Fireside Pies.