Fearing’s Named One of NY Times 10 “Intriguing Restaurants Outside of New York”

Huge news: Frank Bruni, food critic from the New York Times, has named Fearing’s as one of his ten “Intriguing Restaurants Outside of New York” in today’s Dining and Wine section. Click here to read. He traveled across the country to find his top places, and they had to have opened between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2007. He says:

All in all I visited 15 acclaimed, ambitious, promising or intriguing new restaurants from coast to coast, excluding New York City, in late January and early February.

I identified these restaurants through extensive reading and inquiries to food lovers around the country. The work of the chefs at many of the restaurants automatically draws interest. Other restaurants had simply generated considerable chatter.

Others on the list include Guy Savoy in Las Vegas and Cochon in New Orleans. (Fearings also beat out Thomas Keller’s new Ad Hoc). This week, he reviews Central Michel Richard in Washington, D.C., and Tilth in Seattle, with the others being discussed in the next three weeks. Go, Dean!

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6 comments on “Fearing’s Named One of NY Times 10 “Intriguing Restaurants Outside of New York”

  1. Cochon is an absolutely wonderful restaurant. Great food, very knowledgeable staff, very interesting and diverse menu; well worth a visit to N.O. to go and spend your much-needed vacation dollars there!

  2. Fearings is way overrated, at least as far as service. I was in a party of 8 a month ago that had a horrible experience at Fearing. First, they took away one person’s meal before she was finished (she had her head turned talking to the person next to her and by the time she turned back, they had picked up her plate and put another one on top of it). Second, they started hovering around the table as soon as dessert and coffee had been served. Not only did they swoop in to remove dessert plates as soon as the last bite disappeared, but they also tried to take a couple coffee cups before our guests were finished. Third, as people were trying to finish their coffees, the waiter actually told us we needed to vacate the table — we had been sitting there for only about 90 minutes at that point, a fair chunk of that time actually waiting for each course. For the kind of money we dropped there, I certainly will not go back — I have never been treated so rudely in any restaurant and certainly don’t expect that treatment from one that charges as much as Fearings does.

  3. Not the best reader are we Sarah? Michel Richard’s Central is ON Pennsylvania AVENUE in Washington, DC.

    You’re the Plano grad, right?

  4. Maybe if you had been wearing cut-offs and flip-flops and ordered a $900 bottle of wine — as Dean recounted with no shortage of self-congratulation in NN’s piece on him — you would have been treated like a prince.

    Okay, so it was only jeans, not cut-offs and flip-flops. It’s still unbearably obnoxious to envision a man in jeans at a four-star restaurant spending a grand on a bottle of wine, and it makes for a very odd endorsement of one’s own restaurant.

  5. Sorry, Bubba, trying to do six things at once, but I appreciate your proofreading me. For the record, no, I’m not from Plano. Fixing it now.

  6. Good restaurants are made up of paying attention to the small details. We had a birthday lunch for 10 at the chefs table – service was great but the food was marginal. However, the detail we will ALL remember is that we could not bring a cake from another bakery and had to have the one they provided. Remember Frozen Pepperidge Farm frozen white cakes? I swear that is what they served us. Not one of us took more than one bite!