A Real Neighborhood Restaurant

So I finally went to Kitchen 1924 last weekend, and shame on me for waiting this long. Ironically, I used to live in that neighborhood, but now I reside in Midway Hollow (A Treasure To Keep!). But I digress. What I wanted to mention—and, Sarah, forgive me if you reported this in your revisit a few months back—is that there was a note on the door, explaining that the prices had been lowered to keep the neighbors coming back for dinner. As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a rampage lately, because I think there are too many restaurants in town that don’t warrant their price points. And, interestingly, before I went out that night, a friend of mine (a longtime Lakewood denizen) was lamenting that he thought the prices at Kitchen 1924 were a bit high. Well, Neal, it’s time you go back. For example, a tilapia entree is $13. (Compare that to the $12 quesadillas at Mi Cocina. IJS.) My portion of the bill was just north of $30, including wine and tip. We shared spinach and artichoke dip with crabmeat; flatbread pizza with prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni; a side of smoked gouda grits and another of mac and cheese with peas and bacon (could have done without the peas); and three salads (two wedges and one spicy Caesar). True, it wasn’t the kind of meal to make your trainer proud, but we left pleased as punch—rather than pissed off that we’d spent too much.

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4 comments on “A Real Neighborhood Restaurant

  1. Thanks for noticing our efforts. Everybody come see us! We try real hard not to suck. And we just cranked up our Sunday Brunch again. It’s a $10 all-you-can-eat “Hangover Brunch”. Noon-3 every Sunday.

    -The Staff of Kitchen 1924

    P.S. Nancy- we more than welcome random hockey talk at our bar.

  2. Jennifer, I believe you are absolutely correct. While you still can find many great deals in our fair food city, there are too many places charging way too much for what you get. Kudos to Kitchen 1924 and other places who are willing to offer deals to keep customers coming back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths, etc., etc!).

  3. Well this post inspired us to go to Kitchen 1924 last night, and we enjoyed our meal. Jennifer’s cost estimate sounds low, however. I had 1 glass of wine, 1 entree, no salad, and split a side and a dessert. My portion came to $40 with tip. The food and service were excellent and represented a reasonable value… but don’t think for “just north of $30″ you are going to feast on multiple appetizers, salads, and wine as described above.

  4. I am an OC resident but love to make the journey from Bishop Arts to Lakewood to feel the love…ingest the tastes…swill the wines…and embrace the fighters of foo at K1924. Support local restaurants!