RE: Mexican Meltdown

Jennifer, next time try Mia’s on Lemmon Avenue. Yes, the parking lot is cramped and the wait can be long. But after a plate of brisket tacos (done elsewhere but not as good as Mama Mia’s), I was left wondering why it had been so long since my last visit. Oh yeah. That hellish parking lot.

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4 comments on “RE: Mexican Meltdown

  1. But at least they don’t follow the Dallas valet trend. Granted, the guy with the flashlight is a great help to find you a space. Slight parking hassle vs spending $5-10 for a guy to drive your car a whole 10 ft? I will take the hassle instead.

  2. I have never been there because I always get stuck in the right lane behind the people who are trying to turn into Mia’s even though they know full well that parking lot is full but still choose to stick their long truck butts out of the street so people like me get blocked. I can’t ever get over because the middle people are flying by and laughin’ at me. It makes me mad so I choose to boycott.

    Why I don’t drive in the middle lane from the get-go is not the point.

  3. The brisket tacos at Avila’s are better than Mia’s. Sorry to the Mia’s loyal, but it’s true.