Mexican Meltdown

Something was amiss today at the Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village. No fewer than four people came by our table—multiple times—to see if we were okay, to offer us more chips, more salsa, more water. But what they should have been worried about is why it took so freakin’ long to get a bowl of tortilla soup, a bean chalupa, and a Rico salad with beef. I watched as table after table around us—seated after we were—received their lunch. It was weird. Not the usual brisk, efficient, hurry-up-and-turn-the-table service I’m used to at Mi Cocina—especially not during lunch hour on a weekday. The worst part? The bean chalupa and tortilla soup were cold. Normally it’s some of the most reliable food and service around. Today it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Sigh.

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4 comments on “Mexican Meltdown

  1. We had such a bad experience there last week!! We could not get a waiter’s attention to save our lives, everyone around us was taken care of way before us (they all came in after we did) and the young man kept vacuuming around us even after we told him to stop twice and the manager told him to stop once.

    I won’t even go on about all the parents who sit at one table and let their kids sit at another table next to them running amok because you know that is the situation going into the HPV Mico.

    I even emailed a complaint the next day. Thankfully, I got a very prompt response from the powers that be.

    But the whole situation did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. I’ve always thought Mi Cocina was vastly overrated. The food is boilerplate Tex-Mex made with above-average ingredients. Lunch combos often have a cold spot in the middle. The margaritas are good but unremarkable. There’s little in the way of authentic specialties such as cabrito. Why do people feel such loyalty to a conspicuously competent but overall banal Tex-Mex chain?

    Unless you’ve been living in Portland or Boston for several years, there’s not much about Mi Cocina that’s exciting.

  3. Mi Cocina is a place to go to be seen, not to eat. The food is marginal and Mico doesn’t improve because he doesn’t have to, it’s Mi Cocina. Avila’s is really good, authentic Mexican food madew by Momma in the kitchen. Far too many good places, Manny’s, to eat Mexican than eat crap and pay a fortune!!!

  4. The food isn’t that bad. It’s not the same as every other Tex Mex joint in town which is good to me.

    Frankly, I like the margaritas more than anything, especially a Mambo Taxi.

    I frequented both Plano outposts and the service could be great one day and horrible the next. It’s what comes with a chain, big or small. Take it for what it is.

    Mia’s is different and yes, parking is a hassle. Obviously, lots of folks find more than enough positive things about each that they’re all packed most every night of the week.

    Seems to me Mico has a winning concept.