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12 comments on “Gal Wants Game

  1. I know it is not in the “Dallas” area, but I love Tim Love’s Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Fort Worth! Check out the menu online. It is worth the little road trip to Cowtown, believe me. I would pick Lonesome Dove over many Dallas restaurants any day. IJS.

  2. I checked Y.O ranch’s menu the other day while in the west end and didn’t see any game at all.

  3. Sevy’s Grill (8201 Preston Rd, south of NW Hwy) has a Wild Game Mixed Grill (TX Hill Country venison, Quail, Rabbit sausage) served with truffle whipped potatoes, port wine reduction and crispy spinach.

    Entire menu is at

    Bon Appetit!

  4. Bonnell’s and Bella Italia in Fort Worth – I think Fort Worth definitely has the upper hand over Dallas in this category.

  5. How could I forget Sevy’s. It’s the best. And DroopyDave, thanks for the headsup on YO Ranch.

  6. All those places serve ranch-raised game. It’s illegal to serve wild game (i.e. hunted in the wild, inc. in a rich man’s game preserve) in a restaurant in Texas.

    Inspection rules and all that. Plus, you wouldn’t want the flesh of an old man’s face in your braised quail.