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Making Dallas Even Better

Doctor Hearts Sushi

A cardiologist with a hankering for the real sushi deal asks Disher Nation: I have just finished reading Sushi Economy which is great to read after The Zen of Fish. Having said that, I made the rounds to Teppo, Tei-Tei, Nobu, and Shinshei for sushi fixes. Interestingly, none do it in the traditional way…where you […]

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Savor Dallas Hearts AFI

Gary Cogill, Gary Cogill, where are you? According to the folks at Savor Dallas, he will be hosting an event at Victory Park at 9 p.m. on March 7. That’s when Savor Dallas partners up with AFI Dallas International Film Festival for a movie fest—they will show No Reservations, “a sizzling romantic film starring Catherine […]

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Pizza Pizza

Famous New York pizzeria Grimaldi‘s has just opened its first Dallas outpost. (And apparently the NY guys have gone to great lengths to ensure that our Dallas crust tastes the same as it does in Brooklyn by hiring a chemist to re-create the mineral content and composition of the water.) Celebrities seem to love those […]

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