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Re: Michelada

When I was in Costa Rica last year, we drank muchos micheladas–but there, they were beer over ice with lots of lime juice. Very refreshing on the beach. Imagine my surprise when I ordered one at Blue Goose and got Stephen’s version…still good, but really not what I wanted. Maybe there’s another place in town that serves them this way? Or, I suppose I could make them at home when the weather warms up.

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One comment on “Re: Michelada

  1. Chelada is a beer with lime juice and salt. (Think the Miller Chill beer product.) That is what you seemed to have had in Costa Rica.

    Michelada is a beer with tomato juice and some chili pepper spice to it, similar to tabasco.

    In either case, go with a lighter beer like Pacifico or Modelo Especial.