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Michelada: The Mexican Bloody Mary

Like bloody marys? (Looking at you, Eric) —Then you’ll like the Michelada. Just substitute the vodka for a mexican cerveza, and you’re set. The beer adds a nice flavor, and a little carbonation. Plus, it’s an excuse to drink beer for breakfast. I got mine (this weekend) at Matt’s Rancho Martinez.

And when you get asked by your friends what the hell you just ordered, it translates roughly to “My beer” or “My cold beer.”

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2 comments on “Michelada: The Mexican Bloody Mary

  1. Remember when Beau Bridges asked Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire if he wanted a “bloody beer?” I tried one after that and loved it. Also try a Shandy, beer and sprite or 7-up. Refreshing!

  2. Budweiser makes a “Chelada” with Clamato. You can get them at most convience stores and are not too bad. They seem to be quite popular at the consrtuction site next door to my house as evidenced by the empties that blow in my yard.