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Let’s Not Forget The Japanese

Can Dallas really handle any more Japanese restaurants? I guess so. A Disher enlightens us all:

I enjoyed the food and service at Ku Sushi & Japanese Restaurant located at Preston and Forest Lane in Dallas. Restaurant opened not too long ago. Ku had excellent sushi and sashimi that was fresh.

Anyone been? Anyone else ready for a new cuisine to hit this city?

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7 comments on “Let’s Not Forget The Japanese

  1. We went and were not impressed at all…problem is that we are spoiled at Teppo and little else measures up. Cant wait until Tei-An opens!

  2. Uh, uh where will Tei-An be??? I am still chasing Thai Lanna (on Bryan), never have found anywhere else to compare!!

  3. I like Tampopo on Greenville across from the gold buildings. Nice simple Japanese Cafe and the service is friendly.

  4. Tei An will open at One Arts Plaza this year. Teiichi Sakurai spent several months in Japan to learn the art of making soba noodles by hand. It will all be made fresh each day, based on what I have learned in my involvement at One Arts. There will be sushi and sashimi, but the focus will be on the noodles…essentially the first noodle house of its kind in Dallas, as far as I know.