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Lady Needs Chocolate Cake, STAT

(And she isn’t even preggers.) A dedicated Disher is “trying to find a bakery with a “killer” chocolate cake.” That’s a little harder than it sounds. Sometimes when I’m in the mood for CC, I head to Stein’s Bakery for their old-fashioned sugary version. However, seeing as I’m a single dog mother, I don’t tend to by whole cakes, I get my dessert fixes at restaurants. Like Truluck’s or (warning: loud groovy music) Hibiscus–they both have dangerously deadly CCs. Hell, Ain’t No Mo! Butter Cakes does the trick as well. This lady is desperate y’all. Get busy.

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3 comments on “Lady Needs Chocolate Cake, STAT

  1. I’ve said it before, but she can order from Doughmonkey’s website ( and have it delivered at home. The retail service is gone, but the mail order is still going strong. Their signature chocolate cake is dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant. Sweet? Kind of, but only if you eat all of the fondant. Tear that off the cake and stick to cake and ganache. If she wants individual portions, they also have chocolate truffle cakes.

    Henk’s/Blackforest Bakery makes a great chocolate cake too. It isn’t too sweet, which is a nice thing…you can eat more without feeling weighed down.

  2. BREADWINNERS. Look no further. Their Chocolate Seduction cake is to die for. You can buy it by the slice or the whole cake. 3 convenient locations to choose from: Uptown, Park Cities and Plano. (


  3. I recommend Panini Bakery ( in Preston Center. I tasted it while helping a friend find a groom’s cake, and it was by far the best one we tried. Their version is light, moist, and has addictive chocolate flavor, not that muddy denseness that some CCs fall victim to.