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Diners And Dives

SideDish Nation: let’s get busy. I want to compile a list of the best diners and dives in Dallas. All-nighters. Breakfast favorites. Best places to eat after the bars close. Old-fashioned waitresses. I’ve got my favs. What are yours. Suburbs, I’m talking to you too.

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20 comments on “Diners And Dives

  1. To submit an obvious choice, can’t beat the waitress at Your Mamma’s Diner with the jewelry and the sunglasses. I understand her sister is a waitress at another diner on Industrial.

    Buzz Brews has a good breakfast. I think they’re open late. No booze.

  2. Been showing a Brit friend around town here the past few days. She thoroughly enjoyed the orginal location of Sonny Bryan’s on Inwood and the Mecca on Harry Hines. Also plan to go to Ranchman’s Cafe in Ponder where you have to order your baked potato in advance!

  3. Kel’s on Forest Lane!! Waitresses have been there for ages and they have breakfast, lunch & dinner. I think breakfast may be served all day…

  4. Yep, Buzz Brews @ Fitzhugh and 75 is open 24 hours. Founded by a former manager from Cafe Brazil, but we like the food much better than Cafe Brazil. They have real maple syrup, which you don’t find at many diners.

  5. Ditto on Barbec’s and Buzz Brews.

    Don’t forget Cuquita’s. One of the busiest places around after 2am, especially on weekends.

    Original Market Diner on Harry Hines…gotta love the woman with the beehive hair and funny glasses. Pies are pretty tasty…almost like grandma makes them. They sit in those pie cases that rotate.

  6. State & Allen in Uptown for sure. Thursday through Saturday nights they serve until 1am. Great pizza, tasty sandwiches and original salads. Full bar service till 2. Great patio, too — heated when it’s cold outside. Friendly neighborhood place.

  7. Norma’s on Davis Street. Chicken fried steak and eggs!

    The Metro on Gaston for wee hours — best people watching this side of the State Fair. (I’m not sure anything in Preston Center qualifies as a “dive,” sorry. Not much of a mix there.)

    Original Pancake House on Lemmon is fairly antiseptic (i.e. it’s not a dive), but it has its share of old-school waitresses and the food is damned good.

    Seconding Mecca, Buzz Brews, John’s, Goldrush. Barbec’s = overrated, but real-deal waitresses and best biscuits anywhere.

  8. Mecca for sure, Original Market Diner and now having moved from Lakewood to the burbs Mill Street Cafe in Lewisville.

  9. Nancy, Metro in Preston Center is still there. Deb, manager/cook extraordinaire, says that they’re not going anywhere for a while, at least a year.

    At least that’s what the landlord most recently said.

  10. Kel’s on Forest is a great spot for “cuisine de Circle Grill” ( my first Diner experience). I’ve tried Metro Grill at Preston. I guess if you’re after a true “diner” experience (dirt everywhere) then that’s your place. Not that Kel’s is hospital clean, but Metro grossed us out.

  11. I will drive across town for the Dairyette burgers (Ferguson, East Dallas). I also like the burgers at J’s Restaurant/ Diner on Midway in Addison (it’s also 24 hours, booth and counter seating). I visit Norma’s on Beltline at least once a month – good chicken fried steak. On some Saturdays, I go to Kel’s on Forest Avenue for breakfast. The BEST barbeque in Texas is in Tioga, by the way – Clark’s (an hour north from Lewisville on US 377).