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Barbecue Sighting In Lewisville

Today’s mail is full of good stuff. Here’s a heads up from a Campos-lovin’ Disher:

There is a BBQ place in Lewisville, TX that has the best I’ve ever tasted, and I love BBQ. It’s called “Dats Good Que“. It was actually voted number one in Lewisville. I eat there all the time. Gloria Campos gave “mad props” to the hot tamales they sell on Wednesdays. Andre Geraud (center for the Dallas Cowboys) makes frequent stops there before home games. Walt Garrison is also a regular. This is a hidden gem and needs to be known city wide. You don’t know me but trust me anyway.

Well, that’s what the man I married said to me but he wasn’t talking about food. Dude, you’ve got my attention. I’m on my way.

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3 comments on “Barbecue Sighting In Lewisville

  1. Gurode.

    And with the Cowboys reference, I was wondering if this was a venture of Aggie and former Cowboy Dat Nguyen. Based on the pictures from their website, I’m going to go with “no.”

  2. Had wonderful pulled pork there. And, there was a picure of one of my heroes, “Sweetness” himself. I commented to the extremely friendly counter staff about my affection for #34. Bears rule.

  3. Wow! I’m telling everyone I know about this place. It’s Really, really good. I stopped in on a Friday night and they had live Blues a legend by the name of Jimmy Preacher Ellis was playing. I was blown away. You have to stop in on Friday night for the blues. THE FOOD IS OUTSTANDING. THEY EVEN HAVE FRIED CATFISH.