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Almost Open: La Condesa in Victory Park

img_0009.JPGI admit I haven’t eaten at many restaurants in Victory Park. I love to shop down there, and I love to go to the AAC and House of Blues to see shows, but so far the food hasn’t wowed me (I did enjoy a meal at Kenichi, and I’ve been wanting to try Medina, but anyway). I met an old college friend of mine last night for a drink and to talk about his two new restaurants, La Condesa and Pacific and Central, both located in Victory Park. La Condesa (named after the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City) is opening February 7, and it’s located just to the right of the AAC if you’re facing the main doors. Just look how cute it is. Jump for the design and menu.

(full version here) He and his partners went down to Mexico City to do a lot of R & D, and the design of the space is influenced by several things they saw there. The graphics were designed by the same company who did Balthazar and Pastis in New York, and I think the logo and the menu look pretty cool. As for the food, Donald says his favorite things are the avocado enchiladas, people really like the ribs, and the hamburger is going to be pretty amazing too. I think the scallop tacos and chorizo and potato quesadillas sound good too. I like that they have put so much emphasis on the design, and obviously the fact that it’s a locally owned restaurant is important.

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4 comments on “Almost Open: La Condesa in Victory Park

  1. For the “cesar salad” do you know if they plan to make the dressing tableside? There are a few places in Mexico I have visited that make it at your table, so you can see what goes into it exactly. Nothing flashy, but at least you know it isn’t some dressing out of a plastic tub.

  2. Sr. Cardini of Cardini’s in Mexico City invented the Caesar Salad. It is bottled also and you can get it at the grocery store right here in river city.

  3. In case you haven’t heard… Condesa is soon to be no more. And not so unexpectantly. This place was crap from day one, and with so much potential. How pretentious to call yourself authentic Mexican when you serve chipotle mayo burgers on brioche rolls and french fries with everything. Give me a break.

    As for locally owned, come on Sarah, Condesa is owned by the Icon Group, known for nightclubs around the world, based in New York City, NOT a local restaurantuer out of the Dallas area.

    Wonder how well they’ll do with P&C, another pretentious idea in an even worse location than COndesa was. Seriously, it is hard to fail in that location yet somehow they did.

  4. Not sure if there’s been a change of management from when TM wrote his review, but my husband and I had a great time down at La Condesa before going to a Maverick’s game last weekend. The food was great, and the wait staff was very attentive. We had a great time hanging out there before the game and will absolutely go back!