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Tamale Time

Hey kids, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s tamale season. I get my fill at La Popular (5004 Columbia Ave. 214-824-7617). (Actually Mi Cocina makes a yummy one.) Where do you get yours? Share please.

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4 comments on “Tamale Time

  1. The Dallas Tortilla Factory — I think that’s its name — on Greenville south of Ross. It’s hard to beat La Popular, but if I may test your tolerance for blasphemy, they do just that.

    The tamales at Gloria’s are a thing of wonder, but they must be consumed right away.

  2. Concur with Daniel. Plus you can get your fill of menudo there, too, for the post-Christmas party hangover.

  3. Does anyone know of a tamale in town that has raisins? Used to get them in San Antonio years ago around the holidays, always enjoyed the touch of sweet with the savory.

  4. There is a guy that comes by my apartments every weekend with one of those annoying carts with bells. Oh my God does he have the best tamales!