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What’s Up with Cafe R&D?

Part of the Houston’s family (darn fine veggie burger, by the way), Cafe R&D in Preston Center is receiving conflicting reports. Over on Pegasus News, BillUSA99 gives the food a 4 out of 5. A Side Dish friend likes the food but found the wait staff rather “Stepford wife-ish.” Then a FrontBurnervian didn’t like the concept restaurant’s no baseball cap/no service policy. I haven’t been, but I really want to go (wearing a baseball cap of course) to see what all the hubbub is about. Any other comments?

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6 comments on “What’s Up with Cafe R&D?

  1. My wife and I dined at R+D toward the end of their opening week and found it quite nice. As is the case with all Hillstone restaurants (most of their non-Houston’s concepts are in Southern California), the quality of the food and the variety of recipes was outstanding. While the R+D menu isn’t straight down the middle of my personal culinary fairway, I can appreciate the way they execute it, so to speak. As for the ball cap/no-service thing, who knows. But that’s something I can deal with. Having been to the original R+D in Newport Beach just two months ago, I’d say they’re right on the mark with the new Preston Center location.

    And just a note about the cool architecture and art collection of Hillstone restaurants. It creates an atmosphere that makes good food more fun to eat.

  2. Their price points at lunch (the only time I’ve been) are between $15 and $20 for sandwiches and salads which is a little pricey in my opinion. Combine that with the no-cellphone policy and I don’t see their weekday lunch traffic being very good.

  3. The training at any Houston’s is intended to make one quite stepford wife-ish–I cannot belive that a sister concept would be any different in that respect.

  4. the food is fabulous & the design and architecture of the building is a true gem for those that appreciate mid-century modern. i would go back again…if not to just enjoy a cocktail at the bar….the atmosphere is very coxy & warm!

  5. i meant cozy in the post above…..i asked for spellcheck for christmas and am still waiting for santa to deliver it!

  6. From the ambiance, friendly service, and food, Café R & D exceeded my expectations. My boyfriend and I made reservations for Friday night after we heard about this new Hot Spot. Upon arrival they were pretty busy, so we sat at the bar where the bartender greeted us immediately and had my delicious lemon drop martini in front of me before I could blink an eye. The hostess came about five minutes later, calling us by name to seat us on the patio which had comfortable seats and a nice coy pond. Our server was great and very knowledgeable about the menu and the history of the company… Did you know the ever so well-known Houston’s owns Café R & D? We order some sushi to start that was wrapped in a soy paper with shrimp served with great dipping sauces. For dinner my boyfriend and I shared the Ahi Tuna Salad and a Pan-fried Sea bass that melts in you mouth- both were impressive. I thought I was going to pop after dinner, but we proceeded to get the full effect and order the Banana Cream Pie that about knocked out socks off- it was so GOOD! Café R & D is Superb!