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Report from the Field: La Cubanita

Just drove down McKinney Ave and passed Alberto Lombardi’s newest spot, La Cubanita. I’ve been looking forward to this opening because a) I like the atmosphere at Lombardi’s other restos Toulouse, Taverna, and Sangria, and b) as far as I know (which is NOT far), there isn’t another Cuban restaurant in town. I love the Cuban sandwich at Jimmy’s, but I’m looking for more (ropa vieja, plantains, yellow rice, beans, etc.)

The good news is there are tables, chairs in the dining room and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I haven’t gotten any info on when they are supposed to open, but I know it’s been pushed back a few times. If anyone has info on the menu, or the opening date, please pass it along.

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3 comments on “Report from the Field: La Cubanita

  1. I’ve been hearing they open on Sunday, Dec. 29. Has there been another delay to anyone else’s knowledge? Since I live across the street from there (almost), I have waiting to see what takes up shop in the old Chez Gerard.

  2. Not in town as in Dallas, but Carribean Cafe in Carrollton does very decent Cuban fare. Had a memorable plate of ropa vieja there. I’m sure the Lombardi concept will be quite different from this hole in the wall, though.