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Martini Question For The Masses

Good people, this poor man needs your help:

My wife drinks dirty martinis, just vodka and olive juice. Most bars just pour the juice off the olives. We do the same thing at home, but end up with a jar of dry olives. At the Mansion last week, the bartender had a bottle of olive juice. It makes so much sense. Any idea where we can get it?

I’ve bought it here. Any local suggestions.

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4 comments on “Martini Question For The Masses

  1. I’ve gotten olive juice for dirty martinis at the Goody Goody on Inwood in Addison, so I suspect they have it at any of their larger locations. It was in a 750mL bottle and cost something like $4, it’s brine from green olives made by the Santa Barbara Olive Co.

  2. Look for the product by Stirrings called “Dirty Martini.” You should be able to find their products at World Market, Whole Foods, Sur la Table and a few other stores.

    You can order online at

    Check out their other products, which are made from fresh fruits, pure cane sugar and other natural ingredients. They have been featured in some press as part of the trend in sourcing the finest mixers for cocktails. Even as a wine and beer drinker, these make some tasty drinks. Even their tonic water is tons better than the stuff out of the “gun” or made by Schwepps.

  3. World Market and Whole Foods did not have it, but Goodys on Greenville in Vickery, the old original Vickery, had it in two different sizes. Many thanks.