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Also, Has Anyone Been to Gui?

I’ve been anti-Gui without trying it for a few weeks now based solely on its cursed location (Yellow, Tutto, Temptations, etc. have died within months at the same locale). The second warning sign came when my friend ate there and proclaimed the sushi “amazing.” Wait–I thought Gui was supposed to be Korean? Anyway, Chowhounds are saying it’s filled to the brim with SMU kids eating edamame and California rolls, which isn’t a surprise given the location. Apparently they do serve kalbi with kimchi, which they refer to as “spicy cabbage,” for us Texan folk.

I can’t find a menu online and I’m wondering if any SideDishers have been there. Let me know if I should stop being such a hater.

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4 comments on “Also, Has Anyone Been to Gui?

  1. Korean food also includes sushi. I have an impression, based on experiences in Seoul and Tokyo (and domestically), that there is a stylistic difference between the two. Clean, precise, ceremonial presentation from the Japanese. Large, generous fish slices cheerfully thrown over the rice from the Koreans. Wonder which camp Gui falls into.

  2. It’s mediocre and over-priced. Tiny, dull dinner menu. Tiny helpings. Average, at best, sushi. Techno music.

  3. Sarah, you’re right to be a hater. I don’t know whether sushi qualifies as Korean, but otherwise, the menu is about 10% Korean and 70% Japanese and 20% salads despite the advertising that it’s a “Korean-Japanese Bistro.” Sushi IS average, and when we ordered tamago, both the waiter and the sushi chef interpreted that to mean “quail egg.” When we questioned it, he looked perplexed, but the error was eventually resolved. The decor definitely falls into the hip category, but the entire place seems much more interested in image than substance…all of the waiters had the word “gui” in sequins on their shirts. That should tell you a lot. Skip it and go down the street to Yutaka instead.